Structural Engineering

The History of Structural Engineering

The History of Structural Engineering What is Structural Engineering? In today’s society, structural engineers are essential. To the layperson, structural engineering may seem nothing more than a series of maths problems focusing on strength and resilience, however, the role of this professional is much more than that. Since the beginning of recorded history, structural engineers […]

Civil Engineer and Structural Engineer Differences

The difference between a civil engineer and a structural engineer Is being a civil engineer the same as being a structural engineer? This article aims to provide you with insight on what exactly each of these disciplines does as well as the key differences and similarities between each role. These two disciplines, civil engineering and […]

What does a structural engineer do?

What does a structural engineer do? In a nutshell, a structural engineer evaluates the structural integrity of a building or construction. In any direction you look, you will observe the work of structural engineers. These professionals are behind every single structure or building in the modern world. It’s their responsibility to ensure each build is […]

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