If you are looking to expand the available space in your home or would like an additional room, converting the unused area in a basement is a great cost effective way to extend your living space.
Basement construction or conversion is a fantastic way to increase the size of your property without requiring more land.
As basements are buried in dense subsoil they are perfect for absorbing noise, this makes them a great option for home cinemas, gyms or music studios – the options are endless! 

Basement Conversions and Internal Alterations.

A structural engineer will be needed to evaluate the property and assess the feasibility of the basement project. Opening up an existing basements floor space would require checks to ensure that any load bearing walls have the correct solution put in place to maintain the properties structural integrity.

For new basement construction the structural engineer will need to perform a survey on the space around the property, any necessary underpinning, structural beams, reinforcing walls and floors, the foundations and any neighbouring or adjoining buildings. A design can then be created identifying all possible issues around the basement construction and provide solutions. The plans will also cover waterproofing, ventilation, light sources, drainage and fire exits.

The plan that our qualified structural engineer would create will cover all possible issues around construction of your new living space whilst also conforming to all Building Regulations and Local Council requirements.

Step BY Step Process

Local free estimates are available in your local area – book a 15 mins consultation to review the next steps 

Small jobs such as a single storey or double storey extension for residential jobs can be delivered in 7 days.

Medium to large size projects which may include basement designs, new builds or jobs that require significant structural input can be completed in 1-4 weeks

Onsite changes for jobs that are in construction will take 1-3 days

Competitively-Priced Basement Conversions

Our highly experienced structural engineers can survey your property and use the latest technologies to provide an innovative solution to make your dream of a new, unique, personalised living area a reality.

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