Architects & engineer services

The sector includes work by engineering firms to provide blueprints and designs for buildings and other structures and by engineering firms to provide planning, design, construction and management services for building structures, installations, civil engineering work and industrial processes.

Architectural Services

Every building project is dependent on a successful design process. It dictates the nature and complexity of the build, defining the resources needed, the time taken and the overall outcome. Our clients look to us to come up with better solutions, innovations and ideas in order to create a framework that always adds value and delivers results.

We have a deep understanding of the full project lifecycle across education, public and private estates, residential, commercial office and urban regeneration sectors. Our portfolio ranges from small scale extensions and refurbishments to large scale programmes.

Step BY Step Process

Local free estimates are available in your local area – book a 15 mins consultation to review the next steps 

Small jobs such as a single storey or double storey extension for residential jobs can be delivered in 7 days.

Medium to large size projects which may include basement designs, new builds or jobs that require significant structural input can be completed in 1-4 weeks

Onsite changes for jobs that are in construction will take 1-3 days

Local Engineering Services Near You

The increasing technical complexity of modern buildings has broadened the scope of building engineering services. So, it may now also include; escalators and lifts, communications, fire detection and prevention, telephones and IT, building automation, security, alarms, lightning protection and so on. In addition to this, building services engineering may also relate to a building’s façade as this will determine rates of solar heat gain and heat loss.

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